Solution Overview

Situational Awareness

Drones / Wearables/ Fixed IP Cams / Mobile / Desktop

LiveCast can be a game changer in situations involving national security, public safety, and global business operations. Our customers and real world scenarios highlight the power that real-time video and data at the mobile edge offers both business and government customers.

With traditional situational awareness, information comes in from agents in the field and people sitting in a command center assemble a common operating picture of what is occurring in the field. But with the Livecast application, command and control personnel can communicate back to its agents via their mobile phones and also direct assets to examine specific areas or targets.

Ranging from disaster response to infrastructure inspection and delivering goods, drones -- also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) -- offer an incredible opportunity for situational awareness. 

  • Post-Newsweek station uses LiveCast to broadcast live remote coverage of major hurricanes in Florida. First responders and government officials can access the live feeds from remote cameras to support real-time decision making.  

  •  Diplomatic missions, navel and land defense forces use Livecast's local server platform for security and awareness within foreign service compounds, ships, military exercises.  

Expert in the Field

Wireless Smart Glasses / Headcams / Mobile

LiveCast app technology is uniquely optimized to operate on leading smart glasses and head-mounted cameras. LiveCast can help increase the efficiency of technicians, engineers and other workers in field service, maintenance, healthcare and manufacturing roles.

The greatest savings in field service comes from diagnosing and fixing problems more quickly and without needing to bring additional experts to remote sites. Voice-activated live video capability allows for hands-free streaming anywhere and at anytime. Using LiveCast Sentinel mission control application or other mobile apps, an expert is always on-hand to survey the situation and advise field techs. Technicians who encounter an unexpected problem at a customer site can reach out to other company experts and, if necessary, receive step-by-step instructions on the proper fix remotely.

Service techs can create training videos based on real encounters in the field. Video will also allow field service outfits to monitor employees’ work and conduct research and development.

  • LiveCast stands alone in the development of video apps and integrated IOT platform that operates and optimizes current smart-glasses on the market today.  


Safety for Lone Worker

Intrinsically Safe Mobile / Sensors


LiveCast app for mobile devices detects man down state and triggers alarm. Sophisticated routing and controls available to respond at mission control and assign action. Incident tracking is available real-time and is logged for historical playback for decision making and training purposes.

LiveCast man down features allow workers who operate alone in remote or hazardous locations to carry out their daily tasks safe in the knowledge that their situation is constantly monitored. If something happens to a worker, their team will know and be able to help.